My Charming Baby

How I began...

It is now the time to tell a story that has been waiting to be told.

There once was a little girl who found a book and a crochet hook. At the same time, she found fabric, thread, and needles. The book was full of treasures and magic. Deep in her heart, the little girl knew she had to bring to life the many beautiful things she saw on that book; she also knew that somehow the world had just given her both the tools and the will to do it. However, it took her some years to find the right person to help and teach her.


You see, the little girl was left-handed, but she lived in a right-handed world. She tried to teach herself; in fact, she tried, and tried, and tried again, but the book resisted and would stubbornly only teach you if you were right-handed—which she was not, of course. It was just too much for the little girl; she was sad, and time went on. Then, one wonderful day, her grandmother told her a secret, which was not on the book: she told her that she had the power to do whatever she set out to do, that she was strong enough to reach whatever she wanted to reach; no right hands or stubborn books could be a match to that power

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As a proof, her grandmother taught her right-handed people crochet, and the little girl realized that indeed, the left hand is no match for the right dream. From that point on, the little girl tried and learned everything she could about fabrics, threads and needles, until the book finally gave up and conceded all its secrets; the book grew smaller, the little girl grew bigger and the acts of creation never stopped. I do like to think that the book would be proud to see the end result of his life.

I am sure that by now you will all have guessed that the little girl was me, and that the magic of crochet and fabric is still an important part of my life and lies at the core of who I am. Looking back, I look at that book and that hook as the universe tokens that set me off into what was to be the beginning of my rewarding journey into the world of babies and children clothing. My creations are just that: the reflection of the happiness and cheerful glee that I obtain from every single one of them.

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